New Utility and Smart Meter Voltage Tester

New Utility and Smart Meter Voltage Tester

Product Information

The Unique VIPESI from is the culmination of over two years worth of development and field trials within several Smart Metering and Utility companies. Utilities and Metering companies all face similar problems when checking the installation at the Meter.

Possible Problems

1.During meter installation the engineer does not know if the new meter has created a dead short which could lead to significant danger when energising the system.
2.An engineer arrives to find the main service cut out fuse has blown. He can’t see any other issues so the fuse is replaced. If a further problem is present then there is again significant danger when re-energizing.
3.The Distribution Network Operators (DNO) face similar problems: They may be left to make the final connection to a newly built property, or where a new supply is to be connected to a new intake position. They might also need to reconnect a newly installed meter following an upgrade to the main supply cable and / or the cut-out.
4.The engineer arrives to fit a new consumer unit. How are the checks carried out to ensure it has been connected correctly and that there are no dead shorts in existence prior to energizing at the meter?

The Solution

The VIPESI from EFO solves all of the above problems and creates much safer working practices than are currently available with any other known 2 pole testers. It can carry out a physical Impedance check to indicate hi or low Impedance on the circuit being worked upon, therefore indicating that the item under test has no dead short connections. The Red LoZ LED illuminates to indicate an Impedance of less than 100 ohms has been detected. The operative would immediately know not to proceed and to conduct further investigation. The Green HiZ LED illuminates to indicate a high Impedance of more than 100 ohms ensuring that the engineer is safe to re-energise the meter.
Ghost or induced voltage can be an additional problem. Most 2 pole testers that allow you to test for ghost voltages do this by varying the load on the circuit by depressing two buttons, one on the main tester and the other on the passive probe. The Socket & See VIPESI does this automatically and has no buttons to depress.


1. Clear and Unique Circuit Impedance Indication for added safety
2. Front dual; high visibility, colour coded LED display of voltage and hi/lo impedance
3. Ghost Voltage Suppression
4. Secondary base display for safe arms-length indication
5. Interchangeable straight and right-angled GS38 compliant test prods
6. No batteries and no buttons for simple, reliable operation
7. Safety Rating CATIV 600V