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Catu 17000V Insulated Gloves Class 2

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Catu 17000V Insulated Gloves Class 2 

CATU 17000V Insulated Gloves provide effective individual protection for anyone required to perform operations on or in proximity to electric installations. Each pair of CATU gloves is also tested individually with Dielectric testing.



Compliant with the IEC 60903/EN 60903 standard.
Perfectly designed for all hand types. Soft, flexible and strong, they allow great dexterity.
Wide range of sizes from 8 to 12.
Bi-colour gloves on class 1/2/3/4 allows to quickly detect any abrasion, cut or other mechanical surface damage that could alter the dielectric properties of the glove.
Clear, durable marking with colour per class.
Flash-code Traceability provides access to read the gloves test reports.
Rolled cuff For greater comfort and ease of use.