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Orion HV Insulated Gloves

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Orion HV Insulated Gloves

Orion HV Insulated Gloves are manufactured in accordance with ATSM D120. To assure the highest dialectic protection. Using a proprietary blend of natural rubber compounds resistant to ozone. Our glove provides a longer life while still retaining flexibility and comfort. Furthermore EFO Supplies Leather Over gloves for mechanical protection.



HV Class 1-4 7500V-36000V are available.
Colour: Black / Yellow.
Sizes 8-12 with all half sizes in between.
Standards ATSM D120-NBR 10622


Size of the Gloves

The size should be established as per the gloves’ internal perimeter, measured along a parallel line to finger junctions and running through the thumb’s junction (left). Standard sizes are mentioned below.