Electrical Insulated Mats

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In Brief Insulated Switchboard Matting is generally placed in front of electrical panels, switch gears & High Voltage equipment’s in order to create a safe working environment for the operators/users. Where there is a possibility of contact with electrical equipment or conductors. Insulated Mats coupled with personal PPE provide addition protection. Our Electrical Insulated Mats are manufactured of High quality dielectric elastomer rubber with x-cross technology non-slip surface. EFO Insulating Matting is Manufactured to comply with the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 61111:2020. Furthermore we can supply HV Insulated switchboard matting and 10M rolls manufactured IEC 61111:2009. Class 0 1000V, Class 1 7.5KV, Class 2 17KV, Class 3 26.5KV and Class 4 36KV. All our Electrical Insulated Mats also come marked with the compliance, voltage and class.

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